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Regular Service:
800,ooo IDR
Max 14 working days

Express Service
1,200,000 IDR
5-6 Working days

Extra Fast Service
2-3 Working days.

VOA is the acronym of this visa. This visa is given basically for non-commercial purpose in Indonesia. Mostly the visitors use this visa is for holiday and traveling. You can get the VOA for free when you arrive at the airport, or buy an extendable one for 500,000 IDR and that one is extendable for 30 extra days.

Please read carefully the brief explanation for VOA taken from Official Indonesian Immigration Website:

Foreigners that are planning to visit Indonesia for Holiday, Family, Social, Cultural, Business purposes such as:

Holiday, Family, Social, Art and cultural; governmental visit; non-commercial sport activity, Benchmarking, shortcourse, short training, Giving consultation and training in implementing technological innovation on industry to improve Indonesian industrial product design quality, and foreign marketing, Working in a very urgent matters, journalistic (with approval by Minister of Foreign Affairs), Non-commercial movie making (with approval by Minister of Foreign Affairs), Business meeting, buying goods or products, Giving lecture or following seminars, participating on international exhibition, attend meeting held by Head Office or Branch office in Indonesia, Audit, quality control, inspection to a branch office in Indonesia, foreign workers on probation, transit, and join a transportation mode in Indonesia.

How to extend Visa on Arrival in Bali

Getting your visa on arrival extended for another 30 days with easy way is can be done with our service.

We, VABC is your best partner for the visa extension service in Bali.

It is good for you to decide on whether you will extend your VOA or not. If you plan it from beginning, then you can get the visa extended as soon as possible with our help.

What we need from you.

1. Passport (Immigration will keep your passport untill the visa extension process is finished).
2. Return flight ticket
3. Information where do you stay at the moment. This information will decide where we should apply for your extension. FYI, Immigration office in Bali are located in Jimbaran or Denpasar.