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Get your Social Cultural Visa Indonesia!

A holiday is something considered as a luxury by many people. For some, it is simply a time to unwind, relax and have fun. If you have your sights at Bali, Indonesia for your holiday, then 30 days or even 60 days is not enough. Bali is where you experience Indonesia at its finest. The culture, the land, the sea, the people and the life of Indonesians will be made available for you to experience. This is why getting a Social Visa in Indonesia is the best choice for a tourist like you for this visa will allow you to stay in Bali for 180 days!  

Here’s why you should get a Social Visa:

  • You get to stay in Bali for 180 days (maximum stay)
  • Out of the four (4) allowed extensions, the first one is the only one wherein you are required to visit the immigration for a fingerprint scan
  • Quick processing (1–3 business days only)
  • Easier requirements as compared to when applying for other visas
  • 97% acceptance rate (based on our client experience)


Once you do, we will get in contact promptly with all the necessary details. Please fill in the form with valid information.


Have we finally caught your attention?

If you are now wondering what you need to acquire a Social Visa. Here are the basic requirements:
  • Sponsor letter (written by us)
  • Sponsor ID
  • 4 pcs passport size photos (with white background)
  • Latest bank statement
  • Insurance statement
  • Outbound flight ticket (booking only)

However, if you use help fro Singapore Agent, the only you need to bring is Sponsor Letter & Sponso ID also your photos.

How much the fees

This fees will cover from when you apply until all 4 extensions

Fee for applying in Indonesia embassy is varied from $60-$90 (depends on local currency). If us agent in Singapore, the cost is $180 SGD (including embassy fee and agent fee) for 1 day service.

Full Social Visa Package Fees is 4 Million (save up-to 800k IDR discount)

  • Sponsor Letter ONLY is 800k
  • 4 (four) extensions is 3,400k IDR (850k each for regular service)

Only need Sponsor Letter?

  • Sponsor letter only 800K
  • Each extension is 850k IDR for regular service
If you have all the requirements with you already, then you’re set to file an application. The steps in applying for a Social Visa in Indonesia (Visa B211) have been classified into three easy steps: STEP 1 – Get Sponsor Letter. Sponsor letters are written and signed by us. Send us a request,and we’ll have it made for you send it to you by email. If you are already in Bali, visit our office in Canggu to get the letter. We also provide the sponsor ID. STEP 2 – Apply for the Social Visa. Visit the Indonesian embassy carrying all the requirements with you. Every embassy has a set of requirements that differ from another. Sending an inquiry beforehand will assure you are ready and set to make an application without setbacks. Fill in the necessary forms. The officers you will talk to will tell you the next steps. Just follow their instructions and you will be fine. Using an agent in Singapore is a good option as they can assure you one-day processing (10am–5pm). If you wish to contact our agent, we will give you his contact details. STEP 3 – Come to Bali and Extend the Visa. Your social visa is valid for up to 60 days only upon your arrival in Indonesia. If you wish to stay in Indonesia for a longer time, you may apply for an extension for up to four (4) times. Every extension will allow you an extra 30 days’ stay. If you use your four (4) allowed extensions, then you will have been able to stay in Bali or in Indonesia for up to 180 days. To extend your Visa B211, before your initial 60 days allowed stay ends, you must visit our office in Canggu, Bali along with your passport. Submit to us your passport which we will be using to submit your application for an extension. Note that the process of an extension normally takes around 15 working days to complete. For your first application for an extension, you will be required to visit the immigration office in Jimbaran for a fingerprint scan. Please note also that the date of your visit to the immigration office will depend on the office itself. Usually, it will be scheduled on the 12th day from when we have submitted your application for an extension. The last step is only necessary for your first extension. For your second extension, we will resubmit your passport for the extension without you having to visit the immigration office. This is the same for when you want your Visa B211 extended for the third and fourth time. Easy, right? As long as you have the right requirements and have followed instructions, you will not have worries over these steps.


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