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Visa Extension Bali

If you’re looking to spend time in Bali, you’re looking at a time of relaxation, fun, and beautiful surroundings. However, one thing may be standing in your way: the visa.

Stress over your visa can ruin the relaxing atmosphere that Bali has to offer you. That’s why we’re here: to remove the hassle of getting or extending your social or tourist visa. We’re dedicated to making sure everything is taken care of with your visa, allowing you to rest assured. Let us handle the legwork while you enjoy your precious time in Bali!

Why Choose Visa Agent Bali?

  • Less documents, less hassle, and a better travel experience for you!
  • We’ll save you time and effort. Your 3 visits to the immigration office are cut down to 1!
  • Extensions can be requested at any time during your stay in Bali, up to one week before the expiration.
  • Choose the service that best fits your needs: regular service, 3 day service, and even 1 day service!
  • No expiration guarantee, 100% extended.
  • Free pick up and drop off services for certain areas.

Are you ready for a hassle-free visa experience? Get in contact with Visa Agent Bali today and leave the legwork to us!


Once you do, we will get in contact promptly with all the necessary details. Please fill in the form with valid information.



Tourist Visa on Arrival (VOA) Extension

Your visa purchase will take place in the Ngurah Rai Airport, and it is valid for 30 days. Once you have purchased your visa, it is possible to apply for an extension of 30 days.

This is where we come in. On your own, 3 visits to the immigration office would be needed. However, by choosing our services, you will only need to come for one visit to get finger printing and photographs.

What we’ll need: Your passport.

700,000 IDR for regular service,
1,000,000 IDR for express service.
1,500,000 IDR for Extra Fast service

Time to complete extension:

For regular service, between working 10-14 days (NOT INCLUDE WEEKENDS)
For Express 4-5 days (NOT INCLUDE WEEKENDS)
2 days for Super Fast.
And ONE DAY SERVICES for 1 day.

(IMPORTANT; The first day is started when we submit your passport to immigration)

Sosial Budaya / Social Culture Visa Extension (Visa 211)

This visa is perfect for those wishing to stay longer in beautiful Bali. With the social culture visa, you have a maximum of 180 days in the country without needing out of country during the time.

Once you have your social culture visa, it is possible to add a maximum of four extensions. Each extension is 30 days. You can come to us and we’ll take care of your extensions without hassle. We’ll present ourselves as your new sponsor, allowing you to stay in Bali for longer.

Using our services, you will only need to be present at the immigration office for the first extension.

What we’ll need: Your passport and a copy of your previous sponsor ID.


  • First extension, 700,000 IDR
  • Our sponsor letter, 400,000 IDR
  • Each subsequent extension, 700,000 IDR (maximum of 4 total extensions)
  • Express service, an additional 300,000 IDR
  • Super Fast service, and additional 800,000 IDR
  • 0NE DAY SERVICE extra 1,000,000 IDR

Time to complete extension: Between 10-14 days* for regular service,
4-5 days* for express service
2 days for Super Fast service.

Social Culture Visa Sponsorship Letter (Visa 211)

If you’d like to apply for a Social Culture visa, you’ll be able to stay in the country for 180 days. However, without a proper Indonesian sponsor, you cannot apply for the Social Culture Visa. Let Visa Agent Bali be that sponsor! We have a 100% acceptance guarantee, and can provide 1 day service!

Please note: this letter is mandatory when applying for the Social Culture Visa.

Cost: 400,000 IDR for 1 application.

If you are currently in Bali, you can come pick up this sponsorship letter at our office, as listed above. However, if you’re applying for the visa from outside Bali, we can send you the signed letter via email.

What you need to apply:

  • Your passport
  • 4X6 photo of yourself with a white background
  • Sponsor letter, issued and signed by us

Where to apply:

  • Indonesian embassy in your country.
  • If apply from Singapore, we can get your in contact with an agency who can provide 1 day service for your visa application! They charge 180 SGD for this service.

Time to complete application:

  • With the agency in Singapore, 1 day only!

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