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Hotel List for 5 Days Quarantine in Bali

Good news!! Indonesia Government announced (4/10) that Bali Airport will open for direct International flight. While this information still on early stage, but Indonesia tourism board has already chose the hotels for the 8 days quarantine. Until this news is released,...

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Latest Information Regarding INDONESIA VISA #covid19

UPDATE: 11 May 2020 Foreigners who have already obtained a visa approval (visa telex) or been granted a visa but it has expired due to travel restrictions or unavailability of public transports which cause you cannot travel to Indonesia, please read the following...

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Where to stay in BALI – Guide to find the best place

Where to stay in Bali? Where should I stay in Bali!? The guide for the Bali newcomer on how to land on your feet, and your find your “flock”, on the island that has everything. If ‘birds of a feather flock together’ this article is on how to find your nest. On how to...

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The Gili Islands – Fun, love and relaxation

The three mantras. The three islands. The Gili’s have secured a reputation as one, two, three of the top places to visit in Indonesia.   Tell me about the Gili Islands! The Gili Islands sit off the northwest coast of Lombok spanning away from the mainland and out...

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Where to rest my head? Finding accommodation in Bali

Since the rise of Bali’s popularity the island has become a home away from home for thousands. This is the short guide on which type of “home” is best suited to you.   On finding where to stay in Bali you have many options. The perfect place (or places) is out there...

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Visas to Visit Bali Indonesia – Update 2017

Are you looking to visit Bali in Indonesia? Then you will need to look at which visa would be best for you to obtain for your stay. Think about how long you are looking to remain in Bali, whether or not you will need to exit the country during your stay and what you...

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An Unforgettable Bali Holiday: The Ultimate Guide

Bali is a wonderful destination for holidaymakers looking for a beautiful tropical island filled with enriching cultural and spiritual experiences. The beautiful beaches of Bali are not only known for its stunning natural landscapes, but the island is ultimately known...

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