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Are you looking to visit Bali in Indonesia? Then you will need to look at which visa would be best for you to obtain for your stay. Think about how long you are looking to remain in Bali, whether or not you will need to exit the country during your stay and what you plan on doing there as you browse your three options as listed below.

Free 30-Day Visa

What Is It?

This is essentially an Indonesia Tourist Visa. Currently, there are some 169 countries that don’t need to apply for a visa. The only downside with this visa is that it cannot be extended after the 30 days. Any day after that, you will have to pay a penalty per day and you could also be put in jail (if you have a good reason to delay your departure, like hospitalisation, make sure you show all the documents proving that to immigration officers).


Free Visa Stamp

How Can I Obtain It?

This visa is automatically yours if you belong to one of the above-mentioned 169 countries.

How Much Does It Cost?

The 30-day visa is free. However, remember that you have exactly 30 days, not 31. The days count the arrival day and departure day as full days, even if you arrive at 23:55 at night and leave at 00:10 on your final “day”. And this visa is NOT EXTENDABLE!

Visa on Arrival (VoA)

What Is It?

This is a visa that can be asked for at the time of your arrival in Bali. The visa is valid for 30 days. However, unlike the free visa which cannot be extended, this visa can be extended for 30 more days by paying a 355,000 IDR fee. But when your extra days are finished, you won’t be able to extend the visa any longer. You will be allowed 60 days total.


Visa on Arrival Stamp – Bali Indonesia

How Can I Obtain It?

As soon as you arrive, go to the VoA counter to request this visa. After paying the required visa fee you can proceed to the Immigration Clearance Desk.

Keep in mind that your passport’s expiry date will need to be at least 6 months after the arrival date to be granted this visa.

If the immigration officer has any doubts, he or she may ask you to prove that you have funds enough to look after yourself during the time you will be staying in Indonesia.

How Much Does It Cost?

You only have to pay 35 US dollars. You can also pay the equivalent amount in Indonesia rupiahs, Australian dollars, or Euros. It could be that they accept other currencies, and you will probably be allowed to pay by card if you want, but that could make the process longer. It would be better have your cash in hand, ready, and soon you will be enjoying Bali.

Visa Kunjngan Sosial Budaya

What Is It?

This is a social/cultural visa. The Visa Kunjungan Sosial Budaya allows the visitor to stay in the country for 60 days, and it can be extended for a 30-day period at a time, 4 times, up to a total of 180 days.

It is ideal for students, visiting relatives, or those that are taking part in an exchange program. However, it is a single-entry visa, so you won’t be allowed to return to the country if you leave during that period.

You also need to know that you will not be allowed to work at all with this visa (including volunteer work).


Sosial Budaya Visa Stamp Bali Indonewsia

How Can I Obtain It?

You must apply for it before you visit Indonesia. If you decide you want this visa and you are already in Bali, you could fly to a neighbouring country and apply from there.

You will need to get an application form from an Indonesian consulate or embassy.

You will also need a sponsor who is required to supply the following:

  • A letter affirming the sponsorship
  • A copy of the sponsor’s identity card whose residence is in Indonesia – Bali (KTP)
  • A copy of the sponsor’s family register
  • A copy of the sponsor’s bank account statements

As the applicant you will need to supply:

  • A copy of your passport
  • Two current passport sized photographs (4 x 6) of the applicant

How Much Does It Cost?

It costs about 65 US dollars.

Why you need to use the Visa Extension Agency

Although renewing your visa is not a complicated thing, it is true that it requires specific knowledge and it can be time consuming. Some travelers that are used to dealing with paperwork prefer to do it themselves, especially if they are staying near an immigration office.

On the other hand, many prefer to use a Bali Visa Extension Service. The advantage is that they are used to handling visa renewals. They know exactly what they have to do and will not use any of your time doing it.

Visa Extension Agencies are growing in popularity as many do not want the stress of spending most of one of their 30 days in the country waiting in line hoping that they have all of the documentation and correctly filled forms that they need. These agencies take all the hassle out of obtaining the correct visas.