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Business Visa Indonesia

​All important information about How To get Business Visa Indonesia with ​FAST  PROCESS and ​EASY ​REQUIREMENTS

What is Business Visa Indonesia and what is used for

Business Visa Indonesia is usually used by foreign entrepreneurs who wish to come to Indonesia for business purposes such as - look for new business opportunities, attend meetings, exhibitions etc. However, business visa does not give you the permit to work/earn money here in Indonesia.

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This article will provide you with the information needed for foreigners to meet the criteria to apply for business visa.

How Long Can You Stay in Indonesia with a Business Visa?

A business visa is a multiple entry visa which is valid for one year. However, you can only stay up to 60 days after each arrival. Business visa is convenient for those of you who frequently go back and forth between Indonesia and abroad.

Now you may be thinking, what would be the difference between Visa on Arrival and Business visa when both visas give 60 days stay? Well, once you are on a business visa, you do not have to extend before your initial 30 days in order to stay here for 60 days. Once you have received your 60 days stamp during your arrival, you are already eligible to stay here for 60 days. Unlike Visa on Arrival or Social Visa.

The Business Visa Indonesia sponsorship

In order to get the Business Visa, you are required to be sponsored by a legal PT (company) registered in Indonesia. Either foreign/locally owned companies and representative offices can take place as your sponsor. Note that you are not permitted to work/earn money with this visa.

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