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Your VISA EXTENSION IN BALI AGENT- We are open Monday-Saturday 9AM-10PM - Call us now at +62 812 3618 3120

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Carolina Uda

Owner of
Hi! My name is Carolina Uda, you can just call me Carolina. Me and my husband are the owner of I started the visa extension service in 2015. Those times I just do it for my friends. But now We have our simple yet professional office in Canggu.

Fabio Andretti

Man behind the computer and the website.
Fabio is my name, sounds like an italiano, but I am not. I am 100% Indonesian. Me and my wife Carolina started this visa agency to help you to take care your holiday time. Let us do it for you and you can sit back and relax. Cheers..

p : +62 818 0540 0693
e : [email protected]
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p : +62 812 3618 3120
e : [email protected]
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p : +62 853 3354 2048
e : [email protected]
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