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Bali is a wonderful destination for holidaymakers looking for a beautiful tropical island filled with enriching cultural and spiritual experiences.

The beautiful beaches of Bali are not only known for its stunning natural landscapes, but the island is ultimately known for a glimpse of an ancient civilization that is still very much alive in the modern world. Discover ancient temples, gorgeous crafts, elaborate rituals, and exquisite art in Bali. One of the hidden treasures of Bali is its people.

The Balinese are friendly and welcoming, and they are used to day-to-day communal life in their villages despite the boom of tourism in their island.

Ultimate Bali Holiday Guide

What You’ll Learn

This Ultimate Guide to Bali will give you relevant information about the following:

  • Where to find the best and most reasonably-priced villa accommodations in Bali
  • Where to get car rentals and other transportation options in Bali
  • The best places to see, visit, and experience in Bali
  • Visa extension services in Bali and looking for the best visa agent


Villa Accommodations in Bali

Before we get to the villa accommodations in Bali, let us first talk about where the best areas of Bali are for couples, family, friends, or even for solo travellers. Couples will enjoy the areas of Nusa Dua and Uluwatu-Ungasan-Jimbaran in South Bali.  Families and groups of friends can ideally stay almost anywhere in Bali.  Solo travellers will find a lot of action and meet new people in Canggu in north Kuta and Candidasa in East Bali. Everyone will all have a great time and will find something special for them in Ubud/Glanyar, which is in Central Bali.

And from my experience Canggu will always be my N #1 choice. And staying in the villa instead in hotels will be best decision I have made.

Canggu has some of the best and most stunning villa rentals in Bali. Here are some of the best villa rentals in Canggu:

Ametis Villa
Located in Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong, this gorgeous villa has a great location as it is a three-minute walk to Batu Bolong beach. This best-value villa has an outdoor pool, 24-hour butler service, and airport shuttle.

The Iman Villa
This five-bedroom villa has a sleek, cutting edge architecture. The minimalist design allows for stunning views of panoramic sunsets and rice fields. The main two-storey house has three bedrooms, and there is also a guesthouse with two bedrooms.

Zala Villa
Zala Villa is one of the bestselling villas in Canggu. It is beautifully decorated with local artwork and features four villas with outdoor pavilions and luxurious self-catering residences. There are child-care services available and it is a pet-friendly environment.

Bendega Rato
This villa is suitable for a family of six or even three couples who will love the space of this expansive villa. The rooms are decorated with antiques, fabrics and artefacts from Indonesia.

The rest of the island also offers great villa rentals.  Rent the following stunning villas for families or groups of friends:

Villa Shinta Dewi Ubud
This villa lies just north of Ubud. This oasis is close enough to the centre of Bali, but is set on its own private oasis on a terraced garden.  It has four rooms with two open living areas.

Villa Mandalay
This 7-bedroom villa in Seseh has three Balinese-style pavilions set amidst a big pool and a rustic bamboo pavilion. There are lush lawns and even a putt golf course overlooking a lotus pond.

Seseh Beach Villa II
This beautiful 6-bedroom villa in Pantai Seseh is in a quiet coastal village. It has a 14-meter swimming pool set amidst rice fields. As guests come home they will pass through the local community, where they can witness the daily life of the people. The villa comes with a car and driver.

Villa Bayuh Sabbha
This five-bedroom villa in The Bukit is perched on a hilltop overlooking the Bukit Peninsula. All rooms have wide verandas, providing a dramatic view of the Indian Ocean. Also made into a wedding venue, the huge villa also has a gym, tennis court, and children’s play area.

Lakshmi Villas
This two-bedroom villa is set amidst a tranquil setting and built with a contemporary Balinese aesthetic. There are two spacious rooms, with a very big pool and outdoor dining areas.


Car Rentals and Other Transportation Options

There are many transportation options in Bali, and it is easy to go around the island. A metered taxi will bring you from the airport to your destination, and there are a lot of them vying for attention. Just get a fair price for your ride, and you will get to your destination without any hassle, apart from the traffic that you might experience while on the road.

If you are going to stay in one area in Bali, better limit your transport to walking or renting a scooter for short trips. Renting a scooter is very commonly done by foreign visitors especially in Ubud and Canggu. This is ideal if you are planning to stay for several weeks in one area. Scooter rental is relatively cheap, and there are filling stations everywhere.

If you want to take a Bali full day tour, it is better to hire a driver for the whole day. There are many van/car rentals in Bali. You can ask for help from the villa or hotel staff, and they will surely recommend a driver that could take you on a full-day tour around certain areas.


Best Places to See, Visit and Experience


  • Eat at La Laguna Bali – La Laguna Bali is a café in Canggu, where many patrons go and enjoy a sunset drink amidst ornamented gardens, highlighted with a 30 metre log bridge. The best thing about La Laguna Bali is its unusual Boho-Gypsy vibe, from its decors to its seating options and furniture.  It provides a great background amidst the beauty of nature.

Nusa Dua

  • Pirates Bay – Pirates Bay Nusa Dua is a unique place to bring the kids that features a gigantic pirate ship, tree houses, and a great playground.


  • Uluwatu Temple – perched on top of a high, steep cliff, the magnificently- located Uluwatu Temple is believed to be one of Bali’s spiritual pillars. When you visit the temple at sunset, you will be treated to a visual treat of a splendid view of that overlooks the Indian Ocean.
  • Suluban Caves – located directly under the Uluwatu temple, this mystical cave is popular with surfers who want some peace and quiet after riding the waves.
  • Sundays Beach Club Bonfire – experience bonfire by the beach during sunset at the Sundays Beach Club. Lounge around beanbags and toast some marshmallows while watching a blazing sunset. This happens every single day by the beachfront.


  • Serangan Shark Island Project – southeast of the Bali mainland is the island of Serangan, where the Shark Island project is located, which aims to build and environmentally-aware facility for shark species protection. Shark Island has an ultra-protected steel cage ideal for shark viewing, and a shark nursery that houses various species of young sharks.  There is also a turtle conservation and education centre in the facility.


  • The Green Village – The Green Village is a product of conscientious and sustainable environmental practices with respect to one of the best building materials that’s indigenous to Bali, the bamboo. Built with sustainable materials and artisan craftsmanship, the all-bamboo homes in the Green Village exemplify what can be done with a renewable material. The master-planned community along Ayung River welcomes visitors and invites them to take part in how they transform bamboo into stunning designs in their Green School.
  • Tegenungan Waterfalls – This magnificent hidden waterfall is in the quiet village of Tegenungan. It takes quite a little bit of a hike to get there, and it is surrounded by green trees and lush scenery.  The waterfall cascades down a 15 metre drop, so it is actually not that high, and the waters are not as deep.
  • Monkey Forest – this conservation site houses around 700 monkeys and ancient species of trees in a 12.5 hectare forest. Visitors will be educated on the importance of monkey and forest conservation, and will get a chance to interact with the monkeys.


  • Brahma Vihara Arama – Bali’s largest Buddhist temple features a mediation centre and retreat house.
  • Sekumpul Waterfalls – regarded as the most stunning waterfall in Bali, seeing this magnificent wonder takes a bit of a high, but it is all worth it in the end. During the hike, you will see at least seven other waterfalls cascading from high, verdant cliffs. Trekkers will also see local houses, fruit trees and a beautiful rice field.  The trek lasts for about 3 to 4 hours, so come prepared.
  • Banjar Hot Springs – this is a pure hot spring with three hot water pools designed for relaxation. The place has changing rooms, food stalls, and a restaurant.


  • Taman Ayun Temple – a visit to the beautiful Taman Ayun temple is a delight to the senses and the soul. It has beautiful trees and ponds, and was built in 1634 as a special family temple by the Raja of Mengwi, I Gusti Agung Putu. It is located about 8 kilometres south of Ubud.


Visa Extension Services in Bali


This happens too often: the lure of the island of Bali is so great that you find yourself extending your visa to stay for one more week, or even for a month!  When this happens, you also face the issue of renewing your visa. The usual international visa is usually valid for 30 days, and if you plan to extend your stay in Bali, you can do so for 30 more days. There are three immigration offices in Bali: Jimbaran, Renon Denpasar, and Singaraja.

However, there is a long process with many guidelines and procedures, with new procedures being announced periodically that confuses some visitors.  If you find yourself not complying with the prescribed guidelines, you might find yourself overstaying, which has a steep penalty of 300,000 IDR per day.

Although you can do it yourself, it is advisable to get a visa agent to take care of all the paperwork and the legwork of your visa extension in Bali.  In this way, you do not need to worry about trying to navigate through the bureaucratic paperwork and all the procedures and guidelines that go with it.  You will also avoid long queues and crowding in the immigration offices. Gathering all the needed documents might also be a hassle, so better get a good and reputable visa agent in Bali to do the work for you.

You do not need to be stressed about your visa extension while you want some peace and quiet during your relaxing vacation in Bali.  The visa agent will usually ask for certain requirements, explain to you the procedures, and they will take care of the rest. You will be getting your passport with an extension stamp at the soonest possible time. The visa agent will also separate all the hearsay about getting a visa extension in Bali and just give you factual information. The only thing that you need to watch out for in getting a visa extension agent in Bali is getting a reliable and trustworthy agent who will not overcharge or will run away with your money.

There are many recognized and reputable visa extension companies in the island, such as  The team behind is committed to provide a hassle-free service with no hassle and at your utmost convenience. They are friendly and accommodating, and very efficient with their work.

Here in Bali, the Island of the gods, people can truly experience paradise on earth and have a memorable holiday.